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People will never cease to pursue better living and working environments. All construction contractors in the world are endeavoring to find reliable and low-cost products that can be used on comfortable heating and refrigeration systems. ¡­¡­
District Heating
As important way to save energy and improve the environment and a key infrastructure for the development of economy and society of the city, district heating is the symbol of modern cities¡­¡­
Power Plant
Electricity is the high-quality secondary energy, occupying a larger percentage in the energy use. The power technologies have changed the way of life. However, while producing mammoth energy, the thermal power fueled by coal and petroleum has also produced waste gas and residues, causing environmental pollution¡­¡­
A little leak will sink a great ship. For a ship that will cruise on the sea for a long time, a slight equipment breakdown may cause a series of fatal problems, endangering the ship and the crew¡­¡­
Chemical Industry
As an ancient industry, chemical industry includes food and beverage industry, papermaking industry, pharmacy industry, petro-chemical industry, silicate industry ¡­¡­
Steel Industry
The metallurgical industry is the important industrial department of raw materials, has the title of ¡°industrial foodstuff¡±, as usually be classified into these two categories, the black metallurgical industry and the nonferrous metallurgy industry. ¡­¡­¡­¡­
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