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Chemical Industry
As an ancient industry, chemical industry includes food and beverage industry, papermaking industry, pharmacy industry, petro-chemical industry, silicate industry, chlorine soda industry, sulfuric acid industry, mineral salt industry, fertilizer industry, textile industry, plastic cement industry, etc. It is not only a producer of life necessities, but also the supplier of upstream materials for other industries, playing a basic and pillar role in the economic development.

Along with the development of modern chemical industry, THT has gone through its history of 23 years. Since 1986 when it supplied the chemical industry with its first plate heat exchanger, THT has supplied 15,000 heat exchangers of various types, 80% of which are compact plate heat exchangers, to BP, LG, DOW, SHELL, BASF, SINOPEC, CNPC for their technical apparatus, accumulating rich experience.

Starting from supplying products only to systematic analysis and optimization, THT is fully aware how different products can play the biggest role in the technical system, how to shorten installation and shut-down period, how to improve unit efficiency, how to lower down operation and maintenance cost, how to save installation space. THT aims to satisfy the clients¡¯ requirements for the equipment¡¯s safety, cost and life cycle, providing solutions to the technical system. The results are far beyond the expectations.

  Pasteurize is a kind of sterilization in processing milk. It can not only kill the pathogenic bacteria that is bad to the health, but also¡­¡­
  As the petro resources are not renewable and are decreasing year by year, the alcohol fuels have become one of the substitutes¡­¡­
Sulphuric Acid
  The sulfuric acid industry mainly means the industry producing the industrial acid; al fertilizer production and so on all these industries¡­¡­
Caustic Soda
  The crude salt enters the salt digester. Make the saturated coarse brine with light brine produced from electrolysis procedure, apparatus¡­¡­
Petrol Chemical
  Shell & tube heat exchangers are significant equipment in the technical process in petro-chemical industry. According to statistics¡­¡­
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