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Steel Industry
Metallurgical industry is an important raw material sector, known as the ¡°industrial food¡±. It is classified into ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy. Iron and steel industry is the pillar of ferrous metallurgy, mainly including iron making, steel making and coal and coke chemical industry. The non-ferrous metallurgy includes processing and smelting of copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel, gold and other metals. The level of metallurgy industry is a key symbol of a nation¡¯s comprehensive strength. It is also closely related to the daily life. The development of metallurgy industry will also bring serious threat to the environment and energy, which mainly involves smoke pollution, emission pollution and high energy consumption. Through heat and product reclamation using emissions, it can provide reliable guarantee for the positive development of metallurgy industry while saving energy, reducing emission and realizing the sustainable development of metallurgy industry.
Iron & Steel
  From the steam locomotive to the space age, the steel-iron industry is the mainstay industry in the industrial ¡­¡­
  The coke oven gas is the byproduct while the coal being changed into the coke, the coke is usedd¡­¡­
Non-ferrous Metal
  The nonferrous metallurgy industry includes the manufacturing and smelting of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and nickel, gold and so on these metals.¡­¡­
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