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Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger belongs to surface heat exchanger, which possesses the characteristics such as high heat transfer efficiency, small resistance loss, compact structure, acute temperature control, big operational elasticity, convenient installation and dismantling and long service lifetime. It is the most advanced heat exchange equipment with high efficiency and energy-saving at present. Plate heat exchanger is mainly applied in the circumstances of heating, cooling, evaporation, condensing, sterilization and heat power reclamation, etc..

The applied materials of plate heat exchanger product designed and manufactured by THT are very wide, from general civilian and industrial used water to high-viscosity fluid; from food liquid and medicine liquid that have higher hygienic requirements to chemical medium with strong corrosion degree; from very clean liquid material to the liquid which contains a few fibers. At present, it has been widely applied in the industries of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, electric power, nuclear power, district heating, shipping, medicine, foodstuff, chemical fiber, textile and paper making, etc..

Structural principle£º
Plate heat exchanger is made by the ripple metal sheet which is through gasket sealing according to certain spacing and compressed by framework and bolt clamping. The four angle holes of plate and gasket form distribution pipe and collecting pipe of fluid, while it rationally undertakes the freedom diversion distribution to cold and heat fluids, reaching the purpose of heat exchange through plates to undergo the heat transfer. The basic components structure of plate heat exchanger£¨see the following figure£©, of which the plate is heat transfer component that can decide heat transfer speed rate, resistance loss, carrying capacity, applicable fluid and service lifetime, etc. of plate heat exchanger£»The gasket can decide the carrying capacity, applicable fluid and maintenance cycle, etc. of plate heat exchanger.


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