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Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate heat exchanger is made by the ripple metal sheet which is through gasket sealing according to certain spacing and compressed by framework and bolt clamping. Plate heat exchanger belongs to surface heat exchanger, which possesses the characteristics such as high heat transfer efficiency, small resistance loss, compact structure, acute temperature control, big operational elasticity, convenient installation and dismantling and long service lifetime. It is the most advanced heat exchange equipment with high efficiency and energy-saving at present.
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Shell & tube heat exchanger is important equipment in the process flow of industries such as oil refining, chemical industry and electric power. According to statistic, in the refineries, this equipment accounts for approximately 40% of the whole static equipment. It is main equipment in the process flow and also main means for the enterprise to reduce the energy consumption and lower the cost. Therefore, the technical level of shell & tube heat exchanger is one of main signs of the advanced degree of refinery.
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Air-cooled heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchange equipment which makes use of the air in the nature to cool the industrial heat fluid and reduce the temperature of heat fluid through the flow of air so as to realize the effective heat exchange. It is made up of the basic components such as tube bundle, blowers and truss and auxiliary components such as shutter, sprinkle device, flat roof ladder and rinse device, etc. Today, the water resource is increasingly shortfall; air cooling has already become the best substitution of water cooling.
Wide Gap Welded PHE
Wide gap welded PHE is a kind of plate heat exchanger that adopts the welding method when being produced, which is made up of main components such as plate bundle, diversion channel, buffer channel, compacting plate, clamping bolt, flange cover board and support saddle, etc. it can satisfy the heat exchange requirements of big disposal volume, high heat transfer efficiency, high capacity of pressure, temperature and abrasion resistance and low resistance loss.
Block Type Heat Exchanger
Block type heat exchanger is made up of parts and components of plate pair, side plate, column, cover board, block board, side partitioned board and sealing gasket, etc. Block type heat exchanger belongs to welded plate heat exchanger. The heat transfer component of this product is plates which combine the advantages of plate heat exchanger and spiral plate heat exchanger and have the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, high temperature resistant, good sealing performance and safety reliability, etc.
Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger
Plate & shell heat exchanger is the product that is formed by replacing the tube bundle of shell and tube heat exchanger by plate bundle, which is made up of main components such as channel, shell and plate bundle, etc. and forms two kinds of fluid accesses of ¡°plate side¡± and ¡°shell side¡±. Besides the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and light weight of plate heat exchanger, it also has the advantages of high pressure and temperature resistant, good sealing performance and safety reliability of shell and tube heat exchanger.
Heat-Exchange Balance Unit
THT plate heat exchange unit series are whole set district heating control equipment which integrates plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, water supplement pump, thermometer, manometer, various sensors, conduits, valve and industrial control as one, and plus the installation of water supplement system, stable pressure system, frequency conversion flux control system, heat measurement and network communication control system.
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